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Life is one disappointment after another.

A failed marriage that you fought hard to keep.

Stuck in a career that isn’t going anywhere. You’re a devoted employee, but you don’t see the fruits of your labor.

Losing a lot of weight only to gain it all back again,
and then some.

Life is not working as expected. It’s a road of broken dreams.


Avoiding the pain has led to more pain.

Hope has been replaced with numbing coping behaviors.

Food, shopping, overwork, and worry, among other things,
have become constant companions.

These compulsions rule you. You watch as the habit devours every important piece of your life.

Drowning in credit card debt, chronic health problems and pain, and crippling anxiety – the future looks bleak.

It feels like there’s no escape.

Taking the first step toward healing
is frightening.


Staying stuck in these vicious loops is even more frightening.

You feel you don’t have a purpose in life.

What if change never comes?

Is this all there is?


Don’t wait ten years.


Take your first step to lasting change today.

Don’t settle for more misery.

Without risk, there will be no change.

It’s a scary step, but you will meet healing along your path.

Here is where I come in…


Let’s fast forward 10 years…


You decided it wasn’t worth it to take that first step… and life has gotten much worse.

Your dead-end job made cuts. Regardless of your devotion to the company, you still got the termination letter.

Divorced, remarried… and divorced, again.

You haven’t spoken to your adult children in years – the relationships are fractured.

That excess weight you couldn’t lose led to dialysis and poor mobility.

Hope has drained away. You’re older but not wiser.

Unless it is the wisdom of wishing you had done something sooner.


Hi, I’m Stacy.


Through our work together, you can successfully resolve your fears and heal your emotional wounds.

I will show you how to heal years of pain and emerge into healing and freedom.

Discover who you really are.

Take the first step with me toward a life filled with hope and light.

Get ready to take on your life with boldness.

It’s been a long and tough road. Break free from the bondage that has robbed
you of the life you always wanted.

Call today for a free 20 minute consultation and get ready to step into a new life.