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It's been a long and tough road.

Life has become one disappointment after another. Avoiding the pain has led to more pain. Hope has vanished. Food, shopping, and worry among other things, have become constant companions. Drowning in debt, chronic health problems, and crippling anxiety – the future looks bleak. These compulsions have come to rule you. You watch as the habit devours every important piece of your life. The road ahead is strewn with broken dreams. It feels like there’s no escape. Thinking about taking the first step toward healing is frightening. Staying stuck in these vicious loops is even more frightening. What if change never comes? Is this all there is?



Let’s fast forward 10 years. The steps to change were not taken and life has gotten much worse. Stuck in a dead-end job, relationships are in shambles, deteriorating health, and life is one disappointment after another. Each morning is the same and there doesn’t seem to be any hope. The never-ending thought is: will it get better? There isn’t a day that doesn’t bring with it a reminder of how bad life is. How can one go on with so much pain and despair? Sinking into a dark place, not knowing where to begin, the hope drains. Left defeated, weary, and battle worn, there is no glimmer of hope to end the cycle of dysfunction.


Today is the day you decide to take the first step to lasting change. Ten years of utter misery has gotten more misery. Without risk there will be no change. It’s a scary step that could bring more pain, but the hope is that it will also bring healing.

Here is Where I Come In


Through our work together you can successfully resolve your fears and heal your emotional wounds around unhealthy coping behaviors. Combining faith-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Temperament Therapy, I will show you how to heal years of pain and emerge into healing and freedom.


Discover who you really are. Take the first step with me toward a life filled with hope and light. Get ready to take on your life with boldness, and break free from the bondage that has robbed you of the life you always wanted. Call today for a free consultation and get ready to step into a new life!


Contact me for a free 20 minute consultation.


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