Stacy & Robert Echeverria are available to speak/teach at women’s and men's church or company retreats.




“I enjoyed Stacy. She was on the mark.”


“Stacy was a great presenter. Material covered was very interesting to me.”


“I enjoyed the speaker; it brought a lot of ideas to my personal life; thank you for bringing her to the meeting.”


“I'm partial to the Genesis materials so the material was great. I'm partial to Stacy so she was great and the attitude of openness was wonderful.”


“The prayer and Stacy. She was great. A lot of feelings were brought out into the open. Hope we can have her again.”


“I was not expecting such a great training.”


“I felt she covered the main points of what should have been talked about from the Genesis Process.  But we only scratched the surface.”


“Bring more speakers like Stacy to the meetings. We can learn more about us and how to solve if we have big problems in our lives or how to cope with them.”


“We could do more on Genesis. It would help our staff deal with clients and their issues along with working with other staff. Could use that with family matters etc.”


“… bring back Stacy.”

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