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Online Counseling

Private, secure, effective counseling with a licensed pastoral counselor…

Teleconferencing through an online platform like Zoom or Doxy allows us to meet virtually, and the face-to-face interaction is much like an office visit. These platforms are HIPAA compliant, ensuring our sessions are private, secure, and confidential.

Online counseling is as effective as in-person counseling because the client and counselor will meet face-to-face virtually. I conduct sessions in the same manner, but the only difference is that this is done virtually.

Online counseling can be less stressful because the client will not drive extra to and from the counselor’s office. Reducing your commute time is an added benefit!


It’s also comfortable and convenient!


Online counseling provides an alternative for those who feel embarrassed or uncomfortable by making an office appointment with a counselor.

Unfortunately, it’s common for people to feel anxiety about doing traditional, in-person counseling. Some may feel shame for coming to see a counselor. Online access makes it easier to overcome the stigma attached to mental health issues, and it provides anonymity for the anxious client.

Online counseling also eliminates barriers for those who live in remote areas… or those who find it difficult to travel to a counselor’s office.

Finally, if you have a tight schedule or have physical challenges, you can benefit from online counseling flexibility.


It’s easy to get started with online counseling.


All you need is a desktop computer, laptop, or iPad/tablet, with a camera and a secure Internet connection.

To ensure your privacy, please make sure you’re in a space that is free from interruptions or distractions that will provide you with the privacy and confidentiality needed for your sessions.

Online counseling might not be for everyone, though…

Online counseling can be useful for various situations, but not for people who require close and direct treatment or in-person intervention.

For example, suppose you have a serious addiction or have more severe or complex symptoms of a mental health condition. In that case, online therapy may not be recommended unless other local and accessible therapies or treatments are also involved in your plan.

The scope of online therapy can be limited, so it is typically not effective in more complex situations.

Ready to try it?

Trying something new can be scary. Online counseling doesn’t have to be. It’s just like talking on the phone, except with the addition of a camera. You won’t know until you try it. And you just may end up liking and wished you had done this sooner!

I invite you to explore whether online counseling is right for your situation. There’s no risk!

If you have questions or would like to schedule a session, please call me for your free 20 minute consultation.