Pastoral Counseling is the practice of talking with individuals, couples, and families to increase their understanding of emotional and religious conflicts and to help resolve problems using religious and other resources.

Temperament Therapy is helping to find the yoke (our place) that God has designed for us. For a person to find their place in the scheme of the universe and God's creation, they must understand their temperament. (From Temperament Therapy by Dr. Richard Arno) The Arno Profile System is an 18 question assessment taken by the client that will determine their temperament. This assessment is used as a tool to aid the counselor in providing counseling suited to the client's temperament.



The Genesis Process is an attempt to provide the necessary understanding, as well as the practical tools, for real and permanent change. It is a blend of biblical principles, understanding of the brain, and proven recovery strategies for not only freedom from self-destructive behaviors, but also addressing the underlying issues that drive them.


The Genesis Process (transformational healing for addiction recovery) workbooks are utilized to take groups and individuals through healing emotional wounds from the past. If you are out of state you can find a Genesis Process group on the Genesis Process website tab: Find a Genesis Group or Program


Stacy Echeverria is a  Genesis Process facilitators and can arrange to take individuals in another city, or state through the process utilizing HIPAA compliant Zoom video conferencing. It is highly recommend to find a group in your area, but if there isn't one, please contact us.


The Genesis Process Workbooks can be purchased directly from The Genesis Process website:

Book 1 and 2: Change Group Individual Workbook (purchase this book for group)

Book 1 examines the how unresolved, hurtful experiences sabotage our attempts to change. The Processes are laid out in Book 1 with the goal of establishing safe relationships, understanding what has been sabotaging attempts at success which will prepare participants for the deeper, inner healing work in Book 2.

Book 2 provides tools for healing old wounds and for letting go of the coping behaviors they produce. Wounds produce subconscious fears that ends up controlling our behaviors. Fear is overcome by faith and faith requires learning to trust again. The Processes are based on the premise that our deepest wounds happened in relationship and are, therefore, best healed through opposite experiences in safe, loving relationships. We cannot change alone.


Genesis Relapse Prevention Individual Client Workbook (purchase this book for one-on-one)


The Bible tells us that trying to change behaviors without changing internal thought/belief structures is an exercise in exhaustion that usually leads to relapse. The Genesis Process recognizes that a person's self destructive behavior is the expression of their beliefs, so changing/healing faulty belief systems will reduce craving and prevent relapse. If you can stop the brain from producing craving you can prevent relapse. Genesis tools have been shown to be effective for anyone stuck in self-defeating behavior patterns who truly want to change.

Genesis is not designed as a self-help book. The Genesis Process relies on the insight of a trained Genesis counselor in conjunction with the Client Workbook to address the subconscious self-sabotaging patterns, the result is a personal relapse prevention treatment plan that works. The process is approximately 16 weeks.

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